AQUILEIA (Ud), workshp dal titolo Nuove tecnologie per Aquileia.

Lunedì, 2 Maggio 2011

Istituzioni organizzatrici: Soprintendenza Archeologica del Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Università di Udine, Trieste, Padova; Fondazione per Aquileia; Società Friulana di Archeologia.


Luigi Fozzati (Soprintendente Arch. Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Paola Ventura (Direttore Museo di Aquileia);

Anna Maria Reggiani (Univ. Chieti-Pescara e Fondazione per Aquileia): indirizzi di saluto.

1: Methods and Techniques

Jörg Fassbinder (Bavarian State Dept. of Monuments, Munich), Geophysical prospection and aerial archaeology: an effective research method for the preservation of monuments and sites (in collaboration with W.E.Irlinger);

Arianna Traviglia (Macquarie Univ., Sidney, Australia), Integrated archaeological investigation: combining multi-source remote sensing, archaeological field survey and ancillary data repositories for the study of the Greater Aquileia area.

Vito Roberto, Paolo Omero, Sharing Data on the Aquileia Heritage: Proposals for a Research Project;

2: Landscape investigations

Emanuele Forte, Michele Pipan, Monica Sugan, Integrated Geophysical Study of Archaeology Sites in the Aquileia Area;

Paola Ventura (Direttore Museo di Aquileia), Aerial photography and archive data: some examples of combined study in the suburbium of Aquileia (in collaboration with P.Maggi and F.Oriolo);

Raffaela Cefalo, Alexia Cociancich, Michele Di Bartolomeo, Francesca Ferro, Massimo Iansig, Giorgio Manzoni, Giulio Montagner, Integrated Topographic, GNSS, Remoste Sensing and GIS/WebGIS Techniques Applied to the Study of Aquileia River Port Structures;

Stefano Magnani (Dipt. Beni Culturali, Univ. Udine), Natural phenomena and anthropic interventions: remarks on the landscape South of Aquileia in the light of the historical and modern cartography.

Maurizio Buora (past Director, Municipal Museums, Udine), Some new acquisitions on the Aquileia's map, inside the Roman walls and their immediate surroundings;

3: ICT for the Art Heritage

Donata Levi, ICT and Art Heritage: a Project of the University of Udine for the Dissemination of Knowledge;

Marina Rubinich (Dipt. Beni Culturali, Univ. Udine), New technologies for the ‘Grandi Terme’ at Aquileia: results and perspects;

– Domenico Visintini (Dipt. Ingegneria Civile ed Architettura, Univ. Udine), Surveying, modeling and navigating the Theodorian mosaic floor of the Aquileia Basilica.

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