Maurizio BUORA e John NESBITT, A new gold seal of Alexios I Komnenos front the upper castle at Attimis (Udine, Italy).

The recent excavations (1998-2009)

At Attimis, a village situated to the northeast of Udine, close to the border of Italy and Slovenia, there stand two castles at a distance of 160 meters from each other.

The upper one is at 411 meters above sea level and the lower one is at a height of

380 meters above sea level. Only small ruins remain of each structure.

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da Mélanges Cécile Morrisson, College de France – CNRS – Centre de Recherche d'Histoire et civilisation de Byzance, Association des Amis du Centre d'Histoire et Civilisation de Byzance, Paris 2010, pagg. 117-122.

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